Live Streaming for your Site or Business

So sometimes you are constrained by physical barriers to get your events to a potential audience. I remember a few years back, I was the director of a talent show that brought in around 1500 people, but there were multiple rooms with different things going on. I envisioned having the show streamed live to tvs in the different rooms, but we were constrained by the picture quality of the transfer and the power of the video receiver since it was a closed circuit system.

While surfing the web I found a new option for those interested in juicing up their websites, events or businesses by easily providing the live streaming option. It is actually an attachment that you can place on a handheld camcorder. Once you set it up it uploads, live, directly to your account. Pretty awesome. It does come at a $2000 price tag, however depending on your budget, this may be a great option for you.

Cubeā„¢ native integration with from Teradek on Vimeo.

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